Premium Angus Beef Marshall John's provides Premium Angus Beef - this is the caliber of beef you'd find at high-end restaurants and the expensive gourmet shops in town, but without the high-rent price. While Angus beef in general is good beef, only the best of the best is good enough to be Marshall John's. All Marshall John's beef has met or exceeded rigid standards for quality, marbling and tenderness.
Ground & Cubed Beef
Steaks & Roasts
BEEF: It's Been What's for Dinner for a Very Long Time Beef is the third most commonly consumed meat on the planet, accounting for some 25% of all meat consumed. People have been eating the meat of bovines about as long as there have been people. Prehistoric cave drawings depict the hunting of aurochs (cow-like creatures) being hunted, and we can only assume the hunters intended to eat their quarry. All of today's 1.5 billion cows are believed to have originated from as few as 80 progenitors domesticated in southeast Turkey about 10,500 years ago. The Black Angus is the result of Scottish Angus stock being cross-bred with the longhorn herds brought over from Spain. The resulting polled, or hornless, Angus produce beef with improved tenderness and flavor.
Better Beef = Better Burgers

A hamburger is a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat, usually beef, placed inside a sliced bread roll or bun.


Hamburgers have been popular in US since some clever dude put a Hamburg Steak between a couple pieces of bread to make it easier to eat. They have evolved over the years and continue to gain popularity.


In the past, a night out on the town often started with a steak dinner. Today, going out for a burger is more common, and gourmet burgers are all the rage. Toppings these days run from a simple slice of cheese and ketchup to 'draggin it through the garden. A burger today might be topped with a whiskey sauce and mushrooms, crumbled blue cheese and bacon or a sunny-side-up-egg.


Marshall John's ground beef is worthy of today's gourmet burgers. Your inventive and delicious toppings deserve a burger patty that is tender, juicy and consistent. With Marshall John's ground beef, you can make that patty!


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